Nature as a source of culture & tradition

Not everything in the Aletsch Arena revolves exclusively around the unique natural landscape. In fact, this extraordinary area has always had plenty of space for culture, custom and tradition – and is often artistically inspiring.

The broad variety of options and facilities in Riederalp, Bettmeralp and Fiesch-Eggishorn, with exhibitions, museums and a wide range of events, is an indication of the living culture and strongly-maintained tradition in the most liberating nature experience of the Alps.

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    Ausstellung Eiswelt Bettmerhorn
    Nature, culture, custom or tradition – visiting an exhibition in the Aletsch Arena quickly becomes an exciting experience. See for yourself!
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    Alphitta Bettmeralp
    From paradise for alpine climbers to a popular holiday destination in a UNESCO World Heritage Site – learn more about the history of tourism in the Aletsch Arena.
  • Skilift-Blausee-Aletsch-Arena


    Fest der Traditionen
    A mystical world of legends, old customs and convivial celebrations. Participate in a life of living traditions!
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    Cultural events

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