A commitment to tradition

Myths and legends, customs and traditions, festivals celebrated with enthusiasm and interest by the people in the past – in the Aletsch Arena, all that is still alive today and maintained with pride and commitment. For the locals, it is a sign of their attachment to their home region. For visitors, it means taking part in a living tradition which has been passed down through the generations.

  • Villa-Cassel-Sommer-Innen-Aletsch-Arena-Urs-Moeckli-s

    Villa Cassel

    Villa Cassel
    Visit the historic Villa Cassel and learn more about its transformation from a fashionable summer residence into a nature conservation centre.
  • Alpmuseum-Sommer4-Riederalp-Aletsch-Arena-s

    Alpine Museum

  • Themenweg-Kulturlernpfad-Aletsch-Arena-s

    Culture discovery trail

    Discover more about life in the past between village, Maiensäss and alp on this educational hiking trail!
  • Santiglaeistrichje-Fiesch-Winter-Aletsch-Arena-1-Wenger-web


    Enjoy the impressive parade of the Trichjer through Fiesch, following an old tradition to drive the evil spirits out of the village.
  • Event-Gilihuesine2-Aletsch-Arena-Karin-Bittel-s


    The Gilihüsine game is back in action in the Aletsch Arena. Come along to the annual event and witness the fun and laughs of this old hitting and catching game!
  • Walliser-Roggenbrot-Aletsch-Arena-s

    Regional products

  • Praefektenhaus-Sommer-Fiesch-Aletsch-Arena-Christian-Perret-s

    Guided tour - Fiesch

    Dorfführung mit spannenden Geschichten von einst bis heute
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