Life between the village and the alp

Themenweg Kulturlernpfad Aletsch Arena
Bettmeralp culture discovery trail

What was it like, living in the valley in a village during the winter months and, as soon as summer arrived, moving up to the Maiensäss (mountain pasture) and the alps with the livestock? The culture discovery trail (Kulturlernpfad) from Bettmeralp to the village of Betten shows you.

The culture discovery trail runs past the wonderful alpine pastures and the "Ried" and "Domo" mountain pastures to the village of Betten, a typical Valais village with black larch houses. On notices along the route, Aletscha and Aletschander, two local children, tell you all about how life was back then, living between the village and the "alp", the alpine pasture.

A short village tour around the idyllic village of Betten is a rewarding end to a beautiful hike. You can get back up to Bettmeralp in comfort with the cable car.

Hiking time: 2.5 h

Difficulty: easy

“Culture Discovery” themed trail Bettmeralp to Betten village

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