Regional products with the power of nature

Walliser Roggenbrot Aletsch Arena

The Aletsch Arena is a unique and unspoilt natural landscape. Here where the water is pure and clear and the sunny, species-rich meadows and mountain pastures are filled with aromatic flowers and Alpine herbs, the people have been using nature's gifts for generations, turning them into precious natural products and regional delicacies.

These regional products not only contain the power of nature but also the culture of the Valaisans, who have passed on the recipes and production methods through many generations. The variety of regional treasures is impressive: soothing balms, creams and Swiss stone pine products, delicious wine, hearty rye bread and last but not least, tasty cheeses and vitamin-rich dairy products.

The cuisine of Valais is also deeply rooted in the region. To this day, traditional dishes can still be found on restaurant menus.

Pick up the recipes at the regional restaurants and take a taste of Valais home with you. Then you can treat your loved ones to a genuine Valais speciality! “Bon appetit” from the Aletsch Arena!

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