The Aletsch Forest: beautiful walks in protected pine woods

Aletschwald Sommer Familie AletschArena
The Aletsch Forest: walks in the protected pine wood

The pines that make up most of the Aletsch Forest, protected woodland in the Aletsch Arena, are gnarled and amazingly hardy. In other words, they have adapted perfectly to the harsh climate on the slopes above the Great Aletsch Glacier. Many of the pines are as much as 900 years old, putting them among the oldest trees in Switzerland.

Walks through some of Switzerland's most beautiful mountain woodland are a simply wonderful experience. A nature reserve since 1933, the Aletsch Forest has become a fertile haven for plants and animals. Pines, larches and the alpine roses that bloom in June line the paths, and lucky hikers can catch glimpses of red deer, chamois and nutcrackers.

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