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Mountain air makes you healthy - as Queen Victoria's personal physician once said to Ernst Cassel around the ende of the 19th century.
Tangy Alpine air, a place in the sun at the Aletsch Glacier and a clear view of the most beautiful 4,000-meter (13,000-foot) peaks of Valais – welcome to the mountain summer in Riederalp, Bettmeralp and Fiesch-Eggishorn. Welcome to the Aletsch Arena.
Crystal-clear mountain air, crunchy snow, sunshine from morning till evening and a clear view of the most beautiful 4,000-meter (13,000-foot) peaks of Valais – welcome to Riederalp, Bettmeralp and Fiesch-Eggishorn. Welcome to the Aletsch Arena.
A place to relax, to forget your worries and to recharge... The Swiss Aletsch Arena, located in the Canton of Valais, invites their guests to experience some true moments of happiness - by writing them in stone.
Do you want to escape the heat of the city? Then it is time to cool down at the eternal ice! A mid-summer glacier tour in the Aletsch Arena, in the Swiss Canton of Valais, offers spectacular natural wonders far away from the noise, cars and everyday life. Kilian Volken, aged 63, is an extreme alpinist and has climbed Mount Everest. He tells us about the fascinating wonder that is the glacier, mountain safety and why even families can walk across the longest stream of ice in the Alps without any problem.
The Aletsch Arena in the Swiss Canton of Valais has undertaken a major project to make the natural spectacle of the glacier accessible to wheelchair users. From the access roads and lifts to the sightseeing trails more than 2,700 metres above sea level, all the arrangements have been made to enable handicapped people to enjoy this unique experience. The resort has been awarded the 2014 Innovation Prize in recognition of its efforts.
The real treasures of the Alps are very small and easy to overlook. That is what visitors to the Aletsch Arena will learn on a “herbal hike” with Lisa Engler. Afterwards, they head for the kitchen to apply the knowledge they have gathered about roots, leaves and flowers.
Take a look behind the scenes
The Life Story of Art Furrer
The Aletsch Arena invites its guests to relax at the gigantic glacier, find new energy, forget their worries and experience moments of pure bliss – by writing their thoughts on a stone. Take a load off your mind and feel relieved when you return home.
Ancient forests and karaoke machines
Opening: Spectacular mountain bike trail on the Swiss lce Giants
The Great Aletsch glacier, located in the Swiss Canton of Valais, is the largest and widest glacier of the Alps with its 23 km long gigantic ice stream.
Sustainable winter tourism in the Aletsch Arena
As part of the water cycle, glaciers act as important reservoirs. With its 23 km the Swiss Great Aletsch Glacier is the longest ice stream and the largest freshwater reservoir of the Alps. In summer, during the dry periods, its meltwater is used to replace rain.
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