Paragliding and hang gliding: take to the air

Circle like an eagle above the Aletsch Arena. In Fiesch-Eggishorn, a paragliding and hang gliding mecca, trained pilots are not the only ones who can take to the skies. 

Newcomers to the sport can take to the air, safely secured, in a tandem flight with an experienced professional. And for those who then get the flying bug, taster courses are a great way to take in some more "mountain air". You can even attend pilot training for paragliders or delta wings.

Tip for families:
Paragliding tandem flights guarantee an unforgettable high-flying adventure in both senses, taking the whole family “up and away”. This exciting activity is suitable for children aged 4 and over and teenagers.


Start and landing fees . Fiescheralp

1 year 25
1 day 6
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