Fat bike – winter biking fun on the latest trend in bikes

Aletsch Arena: Fabulous fun on a fat bike
Aletsch Arena: Fabulous fun on a fat bike

The wide-wheeled fat bikes make for some awesome fun on snow! So if you don’t fancy sledging, you can jump on a fat bike instead and ride the 13km sledge run from Fiescheralp down to Lax. The sledge run cannot be used with fat bikes until after closing time. 


The fat bike downhill run is only suitable for experienced bikers in good physical shape. Riders are responsible for maintaining an appropriate riding style and for their own and others’ safety. Adequate insurance is the rider’s own responsibility.

Recommended gear
Warm winter clothing with winter shoes, ski trousers, ski jacket and gloves, lamp and helmet.

CHF 30-50 including fat-bike rental and helmet

Further information
Bike-Store Schweizer, Kurt Schweizer, Furkastrasse 15, CH 3984 Fiesch, Tel: +41 27 971 30 71, Mob: +41 79 628 92 43, info@bikestore-schweizer.chwww.bikestore-schweizer.ch, booking 2 days in advance

Suggested route

Explore the fantastic Fiesch-Chäserstatt fat-bike route. Other route recommendations are available from Bike-Store Schweizer.

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